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Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Sushi Rosé opens in Winston-Salem

Here’s a preview of the space, plus what to order next time you go.

WStoday: Shrimp tacos starter place at Sushi Rose

This shrimp taco starter will awaken your taste buds just before your main entree.

Photo by WStoday

Prepare your taste buds because this new contemporary Japanese-Latin restaurant is on a roll. After lots of anticipation, Sushi Rosé celebrated its grand opening May 25-26.

The restaurant located on East 5th Street in Innovation Quarter is bringing a new cuisine to the downtown area. Whether you’re up for a casual dinner with friends or a romantic evening, you can experience a selection of handcrafted cuisine that will transport you to a world where Japanese tradition meets Peruvian flair.

Jay Capistrano, one of the partners of the restaurant, says the Japanese explored the South American continent ~100 years ago. Through their shared culture, they fell in love with the flavors of Peru and the whole region. Over time, the cuisines merged and came to be known as “Nikkei”.

While this concept is recognized worldwide, few cities in the US offer this cuisine. Capistrano said he and his partners were eager to bring Nikkei to Winston-Salem, while staying true to its authentic flavors.

"[We ship] Japanese Wagyu straight out of Japan to Hawaii to here,” Capistrano said.

WStoday: sushi rose owners

Karen Anuran (left) is one of the owners who also owns Melrose Coffee on South Stratford Road.

Photo by WStoday

In addition to delicious food, the restaurant offers a selection of handcrafted drinks from expert mixologists. And on most nights, you’ll get a show with your meal, as fire dancers will amaze diners. The owners say their number one goal is to make people feel welcome.

“Number two, we want to take them to a story of food,” Capistrano said. “This is really an artistry in your mouth [...] in every bite, there’s a song. It’s a masterpiece.”

City Editor Kellina recommends shrimp tacos for starters, the surf & turf roll for your main plate, and a mango cheesecake for dessert. Trust us, you’ll want to chew slowly to experience all the aromas and flavors.

Guests are invited to dress in smart casual and elegant attire during dinner reservations from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is open daily except on Mondays. Book your reservation for a shrimply unforgettable dining experience.