Infrastructure improvements will expand the district in downtown Winston-Salem. Additional outdoor, office, and lab space is being created to draw more business to the area.
The restaurant and tap room down the street from each other in West End say the new arrangement will benefit patrons with more parking and consistent food options.
These companies are developing medical devices and health care treatments of the future.
Editors and readers at USA TODAY call the property “Winston-Salem’s own version of Downton Abbey.” The history of the 55-acre hotel and conference center stretches back nearly 100 years.
A local organization works to support women entrepreneurs through a weekly networking event in Downtown Winston-Salem.
The facility’s two new corporate hangars are officially open for business. An upcoming renovation on the airport’s terminal will add modern amenities and foster a fascination with flight for future generations.
Gov. Roy Cooper signed House Bill 347, aka the Sports Wagering Bill, into law — making sports betting apps legal throughout North Carolina.
The national donut chain has nearly 400 stores nationwide — and it all started right here in Winston-Salem.
It’s not just Pepsi-Cola and Krispy Kreme — we’ve created a timeline of iconic companies, products, and brands.
Good news for Winston-Salem
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