Best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Winston-Salem

We want to know where you should go on Halloween for the best family-friendly, candy-loaded experience.

WStoday_Halloween decorations

Are you brave enough to walk up to this house in Ardmore in the dark?

Photo by WStoday

Costumed children will be hitting the streets in less than a week. We want to know the sweet spots in Winston-Salem for scoring candy on Halloween. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing where to trick-or-treat:

  • Which neighborhoods are safe for walking?
  • Will decorations give visitors a good scare?
  • Are homes handing out full-size goodies?
  • Are neighbors up late and ready to answer the door?

Does this sound like where you live or the neighborhood you return to year after year? Tell us where it’s best for families to go door-to-door. We’ll share the answers so you know where the hocus pocus is happening on fright night.