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This one’s for the rule followers
WStoday: Winston-Salem skyline
Abiding by the rules ensures that every resident feels respected which creates a stronger sense of community. | Photo by WStoday
How well do you know the laws in Winston-Salem? Thanks to one of our readers, Richard L., we’ve done the digging for you to find some unusual laws, ordinances, or regulations that citizens may not know about. We’ve listed them in no particular order. Let’s test if you’re a good citizen.

Hosting a bonfire

Having a bonfire on private property or public ground is illegal unless approved by the city. This does not apply to outdoor cooking and other recreational purposes.

Setting off fireworks

Some fireworks including firecrackers, aerial fireworks, and bottle rockets are illegal to possess in the state of NC. Violators could be fined up to $500 and face imprisonment of up to six months.

Lawn parking

Parking on front yards is illegal. It is only allowed during a special event or circumstance, but will require a permit by the Community Development Department. Permits are limited to two approvals per calendar year, per residence. (Sec. 42-173)

Parked vehicles at residence

If you live on a lot zoned residential and have two or more untagged vehicles, you can be cited by code enforcement. The city could consider your yard a storage yard, which is legally known as a motor vehicle repair and maintenance facility.

WStoday: plants in a garden in a backyard of a home

Show off your gardening skills and keep our city beautiful.


Photo by WStoday

Letting your yard grow wild

You are responsible for cutting weeds or high grass over eight inches on your lawn. Failure to maintain curb appeal can result to fines over $380. Homeowners will also be fined for uncut shrubs. Exceptions apply to those who register their yard as a natural landscape with the city.

Tampering with roads

It is unlawful for anyone to remove sand, dirt, or any stone from any street, road, or sidewalk within the city without permission of the assistant city manager/public works. Violations will be classified as a class 3 misdemeanor and offenders may be fined up to $500. (Sec. 74-9)
Did you know these laws existed?

A. Yes, all of them
B. I knew most of them
C. I knew some of them
D. I didn’t know any of them
Wednesday, May 15
  • Comedy Night | Wednesday, May 15 | 8 p.m. | Joyner’s Bar (upstairs bar), 854 W. 4th St., Winston-Salem | Free | Join a night of laughter as comedians crack some jokes — tipping is encouraged if they put a smile on your face.
  • The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience | Wednesday, May 15 | 8 p.m. | The Ramkat, 170 W. 9th St., Winston-Salem | $25-$50 | Watch the 80s-inspired theatrical spectacle between Ben Vengeance and Alexander Swagger as they fight for a championship title.
Thursday, May 16
  • Live Music featuring Luke Denison | Thursday, May 16 | 7 p.m. | Joymongers Barrel Hall, 480 W. End Blvd., Winston-Salem | Free | Bring your song request for Denison to play a cover — the artist combines pop, blues, rock, and country to create a unique tune.
Friday, May 17
  • ART Crush | Friday, May 17 | 7-10 p.m. | Arts District, 6th and Trade St., Winston-Salem | Cost of purchase | Enjoy local art, performances, exhibits, and live performances from a curated lineup of creatives.
Saturday, May 18
  • Farm Reopening: Barn Bash | Saturday, May 18 | 10 a.m.-3 p.m. | Fair Share Farm, 3868 Transou Rd., Pfafftown | Cost of purchase | Shop organically grown produce and other goods from local vendors, plus enjoy music, family games, and tasty treats.
Sunday, May 19
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News Notes
  • Here’s news to lift your dampened mood. Although Winston-Salem will see scattered showers and cloudy skies throughout the week, meteorologists say the sky will likely clear up after today, May 15. Expect temperatures in the upper 70s with a smaller chance of rain through Sunday. (FOX 8 WGHP)
  • Dancers with the Winston-Salem QIPAO Chinese Association will perform on the main stage of Bailey Park in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Watch the performances on Saturday, May 18 starting at 12:30 p.m.
  • Piedmont Triad International Airport will restart its nonstop service to and from Washington Dulles International Airport. United Airlines will resume the flights starting Oct. 27. (Triad Business Journal)
  • Elevate your Thursday evening at a Biltmore Wines Dinner at The Downtown Grille (500 W. 5th St.) on May 30. Indulge in gourmet cuisine from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Space is limited so call 336-930-1485 to reserve your spot — tickets cost $90.
  • The Pulitzer Center awarded a prestigious fellowship to Wake Forest junior Melina Traiforos to report on Black maternal health disparities and inequalities low-income women face in the health care system. The third-year student will receive a $3,000 stipend to continue work on the project this summer.
Fun Fact
  • Did you know you can get a $5 gift card at East of Texas every Wednesday when you show up with merch repping a Winston-Salem business? This also goes for local colleges or sports teams.
  • You’re invited to join your fellow Lady Deacons at the 24th Ladies Football Clinic on Tuesday, June 18, 5-9 p.m. Fans will learn about the fundamentals of the game + experience one-on-one interaction with Wake Forest’s football staff, including head coach Dave Clawson. Register for the clinic.*
  • Did you know you could finance your fixer-upper with home equity? You could get up to $50K with a HELOC — calculate your payment.*
  • Cornbread Hemp’s CBD Sleep Gummies are available in two strengths and made with high-quality USDA organic CBD extract. Get 30% off with code CBDSLEEP30.*
Ready to move more dirt
WStoday: John Deere class excavator on field
The heavy-duty machine is used to move large amounts of material, like rock and soil. | Photo by Michael J. Newell via John Deere
It’s official. John Deere will expand its footprint in Kernersville. The company plans to build a new 380,000-sqft factory to make excavators.

The announcement comes after Forsyth County Commissioners approved $944,006 in economic incentives earlier this month. The funds would be distributed over five years.

The strategic choice is based on the city’s proximity to major highways, seaports, and airports that will facilitate the transportation of products within the Southern US. Other factors include close proximity to customers and key suppliers.

“Kernersville has been an ideal location for John Deere for more than 35 years,” said Steve Brewer, the General Manager of John Deere Kernersville.

The $70 million investment will generate about 150 new jobs with an average annual wage of at least $64,362.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2024.
The Buy
Graduation gifts. Celebrate the end of the school year with graduation gifts for the recent grad in your life.
In a previous week, we asked how often you walk downtown, here’s what you said:

Yes, multiple times — 49%
No, I have not — 38%
Yes, a few times — 13%

When it comes to improving the Long Branch Trail, here’s what some readers said they’d like to see:

“Active open space with some play equipment or installations for kids” — Walter F.

“Healthy snack and food options.” — Joe J.

“Connection to greenways extending total distance. Also safety! Longer term would love more paths thru the extended city to allow for commuting by bike.” Katherine J.

“Connect to Forsyth Tech campus.” Joe T.

“All the city greenways, and some sort of city recognition for walking all the trails/greeways-passpert, certificates, brick in sidewalk.” Gerald H.

In case you missed it, here’s all you need to know about Long Branch Trail.
The Wrap
WStoday: Kellina Wanteu Today’s edition by:
From the editor
Congratulations to all the Winston-Salem graduating students out there. Earning a diploma is such a big accomplishment. If you’re looking for a grad gift, I highly recommend the “Rootin for Ya” and the “Blaze Your Own Trail” trophies made by our talented local artist Jenni Earle. They’re the perfect dose of encouragement as graduates step into their next phase of life.
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