City of Winston-Salem expands natural landscape allowance for residential homes

Turn your garden into a nature landscape.

WStoday: plants in a garden in a backyard of a home

Show off your gardening skills and keep our city beautiful.

Photo by WStoday

Your yard could support a healthier environment. The City of Winston-Salem has expanded the residential allowance for residents who want to create natural landscape areas in their yards.

The approved ordinance took effect Tuesday, March 5. Here are the requirements:

  • Register your landscape area
  • Receive a free natural landscape sign to display on the visible edge of your property
  • Landscape can only contain native and/or pollinator-friendly plants
  • Turf grass must still be maintained to stay under eight inches
  • The natural area must be at least five feet from your property line + have a border

Registration is free, but residents must submit a site plan, plant list, and a maintenance plan. Sustainability Director Shaleen Miller said natural yards offer a number of benefits.
“They conserve water, reduce greenhouse gases by reducing the need to mow, encourage bees, birds, and butterflies and in the long run, reduce the time a homeowner spends maintaining a traditional lawn,” Miller said.

Need resources on landscaping? Piedmont Environmental Alliance and Forsyth Cooperative Extension Services offer resources on building a sustainable environment, including gardening tips as you build your natural landscape.