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Gift Guide: Our Editors’ picks for the 2023 holiday season

See what Editors Cambridge and Kellina are shopping this year.

A watercolor patterned present image with blue florals.

Here’s what your local news team wants to unwrap this year.

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Happy December. We thought we’d ring in the most festive month of the year appropriately — with holiday gift guides featuring our editors’ top present picks.

Scroll to shop, get inspired, and maybe even snag a locally made gift or two, courtesy of Cambridge’s and Kellina’s exquisite taste.

A graphic with a floral background, a picture of Editor Cambridge and the words "Cambridge's Picks."

Etched Skyline Glasses, $39.99 | “I love these glasses with the cities where my sister (Raleigh) and brother (Greenville) live. They’re fun and classic and are the perfect item to toast the new year.”

Spicewalla 18-Pack Collection, $84.99 | “My husband is the foodie of the family and seasons all our meals to perfection. This spice set has everything he will need — and the canisters’ design will make our pantry look much more organized.”

Parakeets Note Pad, $15 | “This pretty notepad would elevate all my to-do items. It combines two things I love — birds and making lists. I would love to receive this as a stocking stuffer.”

Rhododendron Sunset Print, $40 | “This landscape print has vibrant colors and is the perfect size for a small space on the wall.”

Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent, $28.68 | “I’ve read about how good this laundry detergent smells but the only way I would ever try it is if I got it for a gift. I’m trying to invest more in classic wardrobe staples so this might prompt me to to be more gentle with my clothes (and make doing laundry a little bit more exciting!).”

LED Light Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer, $119.95 | “I tend to stick my jewelry in drawers, purses, and other places where necklaces get tangled or earrings are lost. I would love to be able to have a way to organize all my pieces — and that full-length mirror is great for seeing what works with outfits.”

Espresso Martini Ornament, $13.99 | “I love gifting fun ornaments as a memorable way to mark occasions and celebrations. My friend and I love to catch up over fancy cocktails, and this ornament will be a cute gift for her.”

A graphic with a floral background, a picture of Editor Kellina and the words "Kellina's Picks."

Graphic by 6AM City

Blaze Your Own Trail Trophy, $32 | “The positive message on this gift is great for anyone, because we all have bad days. The symbol of the equestrian on a horse is a reminder that we make our own way in the world! Innovative just like Winston-Salem.”

All-Natural Soy Wax Candle, $14.95+ | “I love a good wax candle. It’s environmentally sustainable and great as colder months approach.”

Explore More Bandana, $38 | “I love this because I love exploring new things to do around my city. This bandana reminds me to find the beauty in Winston-Salem and discover new things to do.”

“A Year of Us” Couple’s Journal, $8.83 | “Prompted journals are such a great way to connect, whether it’s for couples or solo. They get me excited about the little things in life and finding joy everyday — plus these questions are fun.”

Bonsenkitchen Handheld Milk Frother, $5.68 | “Ok — this is something I’ve always wanted, but probably would never buy for myself. Great gifts for coffee lovers who can make at-home lattes or fancy coffee if they desire.”

A photo of each of the four National Content Editors against a floral blue background, with the words "More Editors' Picks."

Graphic by 6AM City

Think we’d let the fun stop there? Shop even more editors’ picks, featuring the gifts our National Content team has their eyes on this month.

Brianna: “I’ve recently ditched the purse for a fanny pack to go totally hands-free while walking around town, which is why I’m eyeing these colorful fanny packs from Burlaep. (Pair it with this cute embroidered baseball cap and you’ve got a perfect city ‘fit.)”

Dayten: “We just moved, and I still have to build my reading nook: Methodical’s Ethiopian blend (which I’ve tried, and loved) and some elegant, renter-friendly decor.”

Emily: “I love waking up with a warm cup of chai tea in the morning — especially when it’s in a cute squirrel mug.”

Jessa: “Everyone loves a big fancy candle. Plus, get some decorative matches to... match.”

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