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Q+A with TeriLyn Adams about summer fashion in Winston-Salem

It’s time to add some summer staples to your closet.

Person with blonde hair in black tank top standing against white brick wall. They are holding a cup of coffee and a brown door is to their side.

Adams uses the city as the backdrop for many of her photos.

Photo courtesy of TeriLyn Adams

The first day of summer is Thursday, June 20. Is your wardrobe ready? City Editor Cambridge caught up with Winston-Salem based influencer TeriLyn Adams about her summer essentials and how to stay cool.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What style trends can we expect to see in Winston-Salem this summer?
I’m seeing a lot of yellow which is fun, especially for summer. Ballet flats and Mary Janes are back in, so kind of just a feminine shoe, which is fun.

Summer in the South is hot. Any style tips to staying cool and comfortable?
I think linen is obviously a go-to, but I know that linen can easily look sloppy. One thing that I do with linen is that I like matching sets in linen. I think a matching set automatically makes it look a little more elevated and nice.

I also think that dresses are a really great way to stay cool. I like longer dresses — with the right fabric, it can be a lot more cool than even shorts.

Besides sunscreen, what products save your skin during the summertime?
I always use a hyaluronic acid serum. I think a lot of times people only think about hydration in the winter months, but in the summer you are out in the sun and that can be really drying.

Person with blonde hair in a purple dress against a green doorway.

Adams says she’s always liked to test and try makeup and skincare products.

Photo courtesy of TeriLyn Adams

Making sure that you have a specific night cream, like not necessarily using the same moisturizer for AM and PM but something specific for night that’s thicker, more hydrating, has more active ingredients, is really good.

And then, essences. An essence is a toner step. I think a lot of people skip a toner step designed for mature skin. That’s going to add hydration and then also prep your skin to absorb your serums. So, an essence is going to help get the most out of your serum by making it more effective.

What local skincare shops help you manage your skin?
I go to GLO Skincare Studio for facials. They’re incredible. I’ve had a lot of facials in my day and GLO is one of the very best. I go to The Parlor for my brows.

What’s your ideal outfit for a date night downtown?
I would probably just wear a longer dress and flats so that it was walkable. If we were going somewhere without a lot of walking I’d probably wear a midi-length dress with a chunkier sandal.

What’s your ideal outfit for the pool?
I always go for a simple swimsuit. I really like solids — you’ll almost never see me in a patterned swimsuit. I like really timeless shapes, like a thin shoulder strap, square neckline — I think it’s flattering on everybody. The La Blanca Goddess swimsuit looks amazing on everyone. I get fun cover-ups and that’s kind of like my accessory.

What are three summer staples you think everyone should have in their closet?
I think having one long dress that is casual enough that you can wear with sneakers, but you can also dress up a little bit.

I also think a good pair of denim shorts. Those can be dressed up with really cute, feminine blouses. If you get the right pair, you won’t ever need to buy another pair. Denim short trends don’t really change.

Two children and adult laying on blanket in the grass.

Adams says Rolly’s Baby Boutique and Pinwheels are her favorite local places to shop for her children.

Photo by Good Graces Photography courtesy of TeriLyn Adams

I know some days I just want to be really comfortable and a matching set almost always feels comfortable because the fabric’s going to be a little more relaxed than a denim or a trouser short. So you’ll be comfortable, but you’ll still look polished. Because it’s matching it almost gives the appearance of a dress.

Shout out your favorite local boutique.
Rebecca & Co. is my go-to. I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but they will shop for you and that’s what I like. Janie is who I usually shop with. She’ll pull things I never would have picked off the rack. I like to go in there and be like, ‘okay, this is what I’m shopping for, this is my budget’ and then she’ll pull things. I just think that they’re genuinely so kind and really care about helping you find good pieces.

You’re a pro at photos and videos. What tips can you share about getting the right angle and making yourself look the best?
I think a big problem that people have with photos is they shoot at eye level. So whenever someone’s taking a picture, I always tell them to line the camera up at my waist. You want the camera lens at your waist and then slightly tilt it. That’s going to elongate your body and give you a better angle.

Person with blonde hair holding a phone taking a selfie in the mirror reflection.

Adams shares her personal snaps, too.

Photo courtesy of TeriLyn Adams

I always tell people when they’re taking pictures, just keep taking them until I tell you to stop. The person who is having their photo taken, just keep moving and shifting around because then you’re going to get a good angle at some point.

For more of Adams’s recommendations, follow her on Instagram and check out her blog.