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Answered: WStoday readers share their vision for Winston-Salem

Our readers told us what they would like to see happen in the Twin City in the next 10 years.

WStoday: Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem

Bailey Park opened on April 11, 2015 after it was designed by a a global urban design firm in 2003.

Photo by WStoday

The City of Arts and Innovation is living up to its name. The city has continued to revitalize itself since the late 1990s. We’ve got major developments coming soon like Phase II of Innovation Quarter and the 2023 Downtown Plan, which includes more affordable housing, walkable paths, and more landscaping to improve residents’ lives. We asked our readers what they’d like to see happen in Winston-Salem in the next 10 years, and here’s what they said:

“More trees and real green spaces. More solar panel power sources. A full service grocery store in the core of downtown.” — Frank J.

“A Broadway show venue like The Tanger Center and a Live Nation concert venue.” — Tiffany S.

“Professional sports team stadium” — Amanda B.

“Amazing public transportation, rail connection to surrounding cities, more trails and pedestrian only areas of downtown, a playground downtown.” — KR

“Better neighborhood schools, updates to school choice, higher teacher pay, grocery stores downtown.” — JJ

“More affordable housing; more bike paths and more bike-friendly streets; a railroad hub that goes to Asheville, GSO [Greensboro], High Point, and Charlotte.” — Lynn F.

“Light rail connection to downtown Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro.” — Diane S.

“More connection w/ info from and to Clemmons.” — Judy S.

“Cheesecake Factory” — Ed M.

“More live music venues for big artists.” — T. Anderson

“More patio homes, single level for those of us looking to downsize!” — Lisa C.

“Train track along Stratford Road converted to multi-use trail.” — LS

“High speed rail to other cities.” — Sandra S.

“I would like to see the construction of a transitional housing facility built to house our foster youth who age out of the foster care system at age 18 [...] We are a community that is rebuilding our future and we should include these youth - they, too, are a[n] important part of our collective future!” — Cheryl J.

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