Are you Winstonian or Salemnite?

Find out which character trait is most like you.

WStoday: Winston-Salem come from the tale of two small towns who came together

Whether you like more of a city atmosphere or a small traditional village feel, Winston-Salem offers both.

Photo by WStoday

The City of Winston-Salem was born when the General Assembly of North Carolina passed an act to consolidate the city of Winston and the town of Salem on January 27, 1913. We’re putting our own fun spin on the merger and envisioning personality traits for residents of the Twin City. Which one are you?


  • You focus on the big picture and care less about the minor details. | Commissioners of the Town of Winston did not keep records of their meetings in the beginning.
  • You are a late bloomer. | Although the town of Winston did not have much progress during its first 10 years, it quickly expanded and experienced major business growth over time, starting in 1870.
  • You are an innovator. | The City purchased multiple properties and incentivized businesses to settle in the city, giving them aid and assistance to sustain their operations. (see more on pg. 16) P.S. Your favorite hangout spot is most likely Innovation Quarter.
WStoday: portrait painting of Main Street view from north of Salem in 1990s

This view of Main Street looks north from Salem in the 1890s

Photo by J.R. Snider postcard collection via City of Winston-Salem

  • You’re serious about spring cleaning. | In 1912, the city of Winston adopted a clean-up campaign, setting aside a two-week period where residents were required to clean up their home. (pg. 24)
  • You love partying. | City commissioners ordered that no more licenses would be distributed on Third Street because of the large amount of pool rooms and dance halls located between Main and Chestnut streets. (pg. 17)


  • You are detail-oriented. | Compared to the City of Winston, the Moravians in Salem kept a well-established record of all their transactions and activities.
  • You like preserving historical objects that have meaning to you. | Old Salem is full of rare antiques and crafts that have been kept for centuries.
  • You like working with your hands. | Farmers and tradespeople helped build the new town of Salem and completed the first house in 1766. (pg. 2)
WStoday: Single Brothers House in Old Salem

Master craftsmen rented space in this building to workshop and operate their trade.

Photo by WStoday

  • You like putting down roots in one place and making it home. | The Moravians constructed more than 75 buildings during their first 20 years in Bethabara. P.S. Your favorite hangout spot is most likely Old Salem.

Whether you are a Winstonian or Salemnite, we are now one big family — all 251,250 of us and counting.