City of Winston-Salem honors 2024 Women Trailblazers

The women recognized for being extraordinary in their own way, whether it be inside or outside of the home.

WStoday: Alice Smith awarded Winston-Salem 2024 women trailblazer star at City Hall

Registered dietitian and business owner Alice Smith is one of this year’s Trailblazers.

Friday, March 8 is recognized as International Women’s Day. Although the day is celebrated globally, the city of Winston-Salem is celebrating the contributions of 10 local women all month long with stars outside City Hall.

This initiative was started in collaboration with RED H.E.A.R.R.T (Help Educate and Reduce Risk Today), an organization that advocates for heart health and wellness. Cheryl Lindsay founded it in honor of her mother, Gail Lindsay, in 2010. The Trailblazer honor celebrates women that pave the way for others in the wellness field.

The city recognized its first Trailblazers in 2022 and women received their own star on the sidewalk on First Street and Main Street.

This year 10 women received a star: Naomi Jones, Lisa Caldwell, Lawren Desai, Dr. Doria “Kathy” Stitts, Emily Davis, Susan Frye, Evelyn Acree, Theresa McCullough, Alice Smith, and Dr. Jaleema Speaks.