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Safety reminders when watching the solar eclipse

Admire this rare celestial phenomenon without losing your eyesight.

WStoday: Partial solar eclipse will happen in Winston-Salem

Keep your eyes safe during the eclipse.

Photo by Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Watch the moon pass between the sun and earth for a brief period of time on Monday, April 8. While Winston-Salem won’t see the solar eclipse in its entirety — it’ll still be possible to view ~80% of this rare celestial occurrence. The partial phase will last between 70 and 80 minutes.

Here are three reminders to keep your eyes safe while watching the eclipse:

  • Make sure you wear eclipse glasses.
  • Do not use your sunglasses or stare directly at the sun with the naked eye.
  • Wear sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing to protect your skin.

If you can’t watch the eclipse in person or would rather see it from the comfort of your own home, you can watch NASA’s livestream of the event.

The next total eclipse is projected to happen in August 2044.