Salem Academy and College launches “Soar with Salem” program with NASA

Salem Academy and College’s new program will encourage young women to explore careers in the space industry.

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Salem Academy and College is the oldest educational institution for girls and women in the US.

Photo by Salem Academy and College

Salem Academy and College is launching “Soar with Salem” to encourage young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math — commonly referred to as STEM.

NASA provided a three-year grant totaling almost $750,000 to fund the initiative. Salem was one of seven educational institutions nationwide to receive the money, aimed at reducing the gender gap in STEM fields.

Students at Salem Academy and Salem College will serve as mentors to female high school students who visit the campus during the summer months. Those students will receive support in science, arts, and math. The goal is to create a pipeline that makes it more likely for women to pursue STEM careers.

“Soar with Salem” will expand its partnership with North Forsyth High School, which also has a focus on STEM and health curriculum. The United Way of Forsyth County will also help get the program off the ground.