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5 Forsyth Tech enrichment courses to take this spring

From photography to pickleball — and everything in between — we’re highlighting a few of Forsyth Tech’s top courses.

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a fractured mirror with the reflection of a man holding a camera

Forsyth Tech’s photography courses are just one of many that are good for both beginners or those looking to up their skills.

Photo provided by Forsyth Tech

If you don’t have FOMO about these classes, you should.

From woodworking to homebrewing to painting to houseplants 101 (and more), Forsyth Tech’s personal enrichment classes open a world of interest-cultivating possibilities for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Ready to dive into the college’s 40+ course offerings? Here’s five classes we’re eyeing:

🎂 Cake Decorating

Master the art of icing, piping, and cake design to create stunning, buzz-worthy cakes.

🇮🇹 Italian for Travelers

Embark on a linguistic journey + learn essential Italian phrases, pronunciations, and practical tips to confidently navigate your travels to major Italian destinations.

🏓 Pickleball

Join the craze that’s sweeping the nation. Learn pickleball basics + strategies while having fun and building gameplay skills.

📈 Investments: Stock Market

Whether a stock market newb or experienced investor, this course lays out the strategies + principles of the stock market, IRAs, Roth + more.

📸 Photography (beginner or intensive)

Learn to take beautiful photos by increasing your camera skills, technique, composition + more.

Interested? Register here — classes begin in March.

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