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Elevate your picnic experience with Winston-Salem’s Picnic Ladies

Enjoy a private celebration while getting lost in the beauty the Twin City has to offer

WStoday: WS Picnic Ladies Movie Night

Imagine a small, intimate movie night under the sky.

Photo by Brooklynn Shayne Photography via WS Picnic Ladies

Meet Winston-Salem Picnic Ladies, two sisters who joined forces to bring a unique and private experience to their hometown.

Mollie Bradford and Sarah Bradford Croom run the family business, which started as a pop-up picnic business around Winston-Salem. Bradford and Croom became friends with the past owner who was branded “The Winston-Salem Picnic Lady”. She sold the business to the sisters in 2021.

Now, the pop-up picnic business has expanded to offer a private experience for couples and friend groups looking to celebrate in an intimate, stress-free environment. Experiences include movie nights, proposals, elopements, bridal showers, and of course picnics.

WStoday: WS picnic ladies anniversary picnic setup

The two sisters partner with local vendors to bring a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons.

Photo by Megan Smith Photography via WS Picnic Ladies

“We really wanted to cater to kind of like the smaller date nights and make something special to couples,” Bradford said. “We’ve had people that have had, like, newborns and this is the first time they’re getting out so just to have a time to focus on themselves in a serene setting.”

The space accommodates up to 12 people for private events. The family-run sanctuary where everything happens. The property sits on 56.5 acres of lakeside meadows and features a Western-inspired chapel built by NC artisans.

“This was our dad’s dream [...] to build a chapel,” Bradford said. “Our heritage is European, English and Scottish, so [we were] wanting it to feel like a little piece of Europe.”

The land also boasts a solarium with 360-degree views of the outdoor space, a lake side with a waterfall, and plenty of outdoor space overlooking green pasture.

WStoday: Mollie and Sarah Bradford

Sarah Bradford Croom (left) and Mollie Bradford (right) say running the business has opened up a creative outlet for them to enjoy their passion while serving others.

Photo by WStoday

Croom says witnessing people’s love story is the most rewarding feeling.

“I think my favorite part is the proposals. It’s cool to be in somebody’s story. I mean, I love doing the picnics and everything but, just like the surprise.”

You can schedule a private venue tour to check out the space. To maintain its intimacy, the sisters opt to share the address only with prospects and clients.