5 unique places to see the best skyline views of Winston-Salem

These picture perfect spots will leave you in awe.

WStoday: The Mayfair Club skyline view of downtown Winston-Salem

Blue skies, city lights, great atmosphere — Winston-Salem has it all.

Photo by ROAR Winston-Salem via Instagram

Whether you are a sucker for a good city view or just need an excuse to admire the beauty in the Twin City, we’re here to give you the deets on the best places to see a skyline view.

Not to brag, but the Empire State Building was inspired by our city’s Reynolds Building design which won the National Architectural Association’s Building of the Year Award in 1929. So any chance to stare at the views is worth it if you ask us. Here’s some other spots where you can see all Winston-Salem has to offer:

Kaleideum, 120 W. 3rd St. | The experiential learning museum overlooks Merschel Park at the corner of Fourth and Trade streets. You also get to see an overview of the playground so you can keep an eye on the kids while you catch a breeze.

The Mayfair Club at ROAR, 633 N. Liberty St. | This rooftop bar and entertainment venue offers breathtaking view of the city whether you’re in the mood for a fun night out with friends or want to practice yoga on the rooftop. Pro tip: Watch out for those events once the weather gets warmer.

WStoday: city view of Winston-salem from Kaleideum rooftop

A picture-perfect view on a picture-perfect day from the Kaleideum rooftop.

Photo by WStoday

Stuart & Emma Thomas Memorial Trail, 1001 Reynolda Rd. | If you’re one to appreciate beauty from afar, this trail at Crossnore Community will give you a unique view of the city skyline after a few good climbs. Just turn around once you’re at the top — you’ll thank us later.

Strollway Pedestrian Bridge, 202 Liberty Strollway St. | The 1.2-mile path runs north to south, physically the land masses of ‘Winston’ and ‘Salem’. Admire the views as you pass through historic Moravian homes built in the 18th century and reach the revitalized downtown area — or vice versa.


Creative Corridors Coalition raised money for construction of the Strollway Pedestrian Bridge + the Green Street Pedestrian Bridge.

Photo by WStoday

Forsyth County Public Library (Central), 660 W. 5th St. | The open-air terrace located on the third-floor will put your mind at ease whether you are working on a project or need to take a breather from being inside.

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