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Three pedestrian bridges that offer connection, reflection — and a great photo op

Three unique pedestrian bridges have become landmarks in Winston-Salem. Learn what makes them special and how you can explore them.


The Green Street Pedestrian Bridge’s pair of inner arches are 32 ft tall and carry most of the bridge’s load.

Photo by WStoday

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Want the see Winston-Salem from a different perspective? These pedestrian bridges are the perfect place for an adventure — and unforgettable photos.

Green Street Pedestrian Bridge

You can’t miss these arches. Local oak trees gave architect Donald McDonald inspiration for the design. The bridge has also received national recognitionRoads and Bridges magazine named it the No. 2 bridge in North America in 2021.

The $2.8 million dollar project was part of the NCDOT’s Business 40 Improvements Project. It connects the West Salem Neighborhood to the north side of downtown and is part of a larger planned bicycle and pedestrian path.

Want to go? The bridge is best accessed on foot, from South Green Street on either side of Salem Parkway.


Creative Corridors Coalition raised money for construction of the Strollway Pedestrian Bridge + the Green Street Pedestrian Bridge.

Photo by WStoday

Strollway Pedestrian Bridge

Architect Walter Hood looked for a way to physically connect the land masses of ‘Winston’ and ‘Salem’ (even though the towns officially merged a century ago). The result was the first land bridge in NC — stretching over Salem Parkway from the outskirts of Old Salem to downtown.

The $1.4 million project used trees and native plants to line the walkway. Its lush landscape amid an urban setting might make you forget you’re above a highway.

Want to go? Walk south on the Strollway at the West First Street access. Or head north from the Strollway access at Brookstown Avenue.

WStoday_Old Salem_Heritage Bridge

The beams used to construct the Heritage Bridge are made from southern yellow pine trees.

Photo by WStoday

Heritage Bridge at Old Salem

This bridge looks like it belongs in the 19th century, despite being built in 1998. Preservation engineer David Fischetti designed the bridge to reflect what Moravian settlers would have likely built themselves.

It allows guests to begin their journey to the historic village by crossing over Old Salem Road from the Visitors Center. It’s also a popular spot for holiday photos.

Want to go? Park in the Visitors Center parking lot at 900 Old Salem Rd. and follow the sidewalk.