Artist hopes to create meaningful conversation through cultural exhibit at Delta Arts Center

Tony “T’Afo” Feimster combined his personal art collection to give a broader perspective of Black American history.

WStoday: Cultural Reflections, The art of Tony “T'Afo” Feimster

“Cultural Reflections” of Tony “T’Afo” Feimster art collection

Photo by Tony “T’Afo” Feimster

A North Carolina artist is hoping to spark meaningful conversations among community members.

Tony “T’Afo” (Tee-Ah-fo) Feimster is representing key periods throughout Black American history. His new art exhibit at Delta Arts Center opens Friday Sept. 22.

“it’s those selections of pieces from my private collection that I put in this exhibit,” Feimster said.

Visitors will have the chance to engage in a discussion of the “Cultural Expressions” exhibit during opening night from 6-8 p.m.

“The takeaway from the exhibit there is that it will create conversation. It will spark or rejuvenate the thinking and the thought process and the awareness of who we are, what we are, and our history,” Feimster said.

Register to save your spot at the opening reception — it’s free to attend.