What if Netflix show “Love is Blind” was filmed in Winston-Salem?

As producers are scouting for their next potential playground, we’re curious to know potential locations where they might want to check out in the Twin City.

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Help plan the perfect Winston-Salem love story.

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Netflix just wrapped up its latest season of the hit show “Love is Blind”. We’re curious about where it might be landing next. Season six took place in Charlotte (hey, CLTtoday) which is just about an hour and a half from Winston-Salem. In case you haven’t seen the show, here’s how it goes:

It starts in the ‘pods’ — sound-proof rooms where two people get to know each other through a wall. The goal is for two people to fall in love. Couples get engaged without seeing each other. Then, the big reveal happens soon after the proposal. The new couples are sent off to honeymoon, then come back to their hometown and settle into their new life with their partner.

So what would season seven look like in the Twin City? We took the liberty of putting together a list, you’re welcome Netflix.

Home sweet home

Once the couple comes back from their honeymoon, they’ll need a place to live together temporarily while they adjust to their new lifestyle. Should they choose the Nissen Building, Link Apartments, The Artreaux, Winston Factory Lofts, or Plant 64 apartment homes?

Say yes to the dress (and the suit)

This is the moment where the couple gets to choose the outfit for their big day. A few local options include Bellissima, Unbox the Dress, or Norman Stockton.

Date night

Should they enjoy a romantic dinner at Quanto Basta, or grab drinks at Dram and Draught? Perhaps showing off their competitive side at Reboot arcade bar or spending their evening at ROAR playing mini-golf would be a good way to explore their relationship.

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Winston-Salem has plenty of beautiful wedding venues.

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Saying “I do”

The final scene takes place at the altar where couples decide whether or not they want to go through with marriage. Some venue options include The Crest, The Millenium Center, Graylyn Estate, Robert Hall, and Legacy Stables and Events.

Choosing their new home

Which neighborhood should the new couple settle in? A few options include Buena Vista, Ardmore, downtown Winston-Salem, West End, West Salem, or Washington Park.

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