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Mural that welcomes visitors to the Generations Center showcases community effort

The artist behind the outdoor installation explains how it was completed.

Green grass with a brick wall that is painted with different scenes in blue, green, and yellow.

Senior Services, Inc.'s logo colors of green, yellow, and shades of blue were used throughout the 8-ft mural.

Photo by WStoday

A unique technique — and lots of neighbors — helped bring a multicolored mural to life at the entrance to the Generations Center (114 W. 30th St.). Raman Bhardwaj invited residents to help paint-by-number.

The Greensboro mural artist started “Together Through the Ages” during a community engagement session late last year. Many residents came out to help him paint the 41-ft outdoor installation. His wife helped him complete it.

The mural captures the Generations Center’s central purpose of connecting people of all different ages. The mural also acknowledges the history of the nearby neighborhood.

“This piece holds a special place in my heart as it pays homage to the historically African American Boston-Thurmond neighborhood and captures its rich intergenerational character,” Bhardwaj said.

The mural also depicts seniors enjoying sports and creating art while interacting with young characters. Butterflies are floating throughout — Bhardwaj says they symbolize the beauty of transitions that come with aging.