Answered: WStoday readers tell us which closed Winston-Salem business they miss the most

Here are the businesses readers think deserves a second chance.

WStoday: Trade Street shops in Downtown Winston-Salem

Fancy Groceries is coming soon on North Trade Street.

Photo by WStoday

Gone but never forgotten. While we’ve seen an influx of new businesses in recent days, we’ve also had to say quite a few goodbyes.

Here are places WStoday readers said they wished would return:
“Pig Pickings just had the best barbecue, hotdogs, pork skins, fish —I haven’t seen a restaurant around here like that in a while.”
“Chars — No one else can do a footlong special as good as theirs. Come to think of it there aren’t many places that still serve footlongs.”
“Four Seasons Drive In — I haven’t had a good souvlaki or burger in a basket since they closed.”
“Allen’s Dairy Treats”
“Dom’s, Mooney’s, and Crafted. It is increasingly hard to find excellent protein-heavy vegan options!”

We also posed the question on Instagram and here’s what some of you responded:
“Fabian’s” — @a_senseofnostalgia
“Athena” — @synergywsnc
“Irie Rhythms - the best Jamaican food I’ve ever had. I’m still searching for Jamaican/Caribbean food as good as that. Johnny & Junes 😂 Just kidding. Sort of.” @msmorgan07
“Bennettes Hot Dog Shop” — @wearehappyhill
“The original Village Soda Shop. Would give anything for a grilled cheese and a limeade from there!” — @sarahwjenkins
“Mooney’s Mediterranean!” — @lotusyogaacademy