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Find films and community connection at a/perture cinema

The theater nonprofit educates, entertains, and encourages moviegoers.

metal film roll outside business storefront.

The theater is open seven days a week.

Photo by WStoday

A/perture cinema is celebrating 14 years this January. The theater at 311 W. 4th St. is named for the aperture on a camera lens, which adds dimension or brings an object into focus. Staff members hope the films that are shown do the same thing for audiences. (The forward slash conveys an f-stop.)

A/perture is also a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the community. Patrons can purchase slash pass memberships to receive discounts on tickets, concessions, and extra perks — you can also make a donation.

The theater screens ~250 films annually. Here are some other statistics that make it special:

  • More than 35% of total movies screened at a/perture have been directed by women.
  • Minority filmmakers have produced more than 30% of films screened.
  • The theater can seat 231 audience members.
  • There are four full-size screens and a “petit/a” studio.

Want to go? Tickets can be purchased online.