Asked: What are your Winston-Salem resolutions for 2024?

See what we plan to accomplish this year and share what you’re planning to achieve.


We hope our unplanned matching continues in 2024.

Photo by WStoday

We want to know how you plan to be good Twin City citizens and neighbors in 2024. We’ll go first.

Editor Cambridge here. I’m admittedly not great at keeping my resolutions, so I hope you’ll hold me accountable. Here are three things I want to accomplish:

  • I’m looking forward to offering animals loving homes as a foster with Forsyth Humane Society.
  • I want explore different walking trails to regularly connect with nature.
  • From groceries to gifts, I want to support local businesses whenever I can.

Editor Kellina here. I’m a big fan of new beginnings. Here are some things I’d like to check off my list:

  • I don’t have a particular fitness goal in mind, but I’d love to regularly attend a local gym.
  • I want to make pottery by hand in a ceramics class at Sawtooth School.
  • I plan to read 10 books by the end of the year — including some by local authors.

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