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6 innovative biotech companies that call Winston-Salem home

These companies are developing medical devices and health care treatments of the future.


All six companies are located in Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem.

Photo by WStoday

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Multiple medical advancements are happening right now in Innovation Quarter. Companies are choosing Winston-Salem as the place to pioneer health care practices. Read on to learn how their innovations might one day impact your health.


The company develops 3D bio-printed implants that are customized for each patient. The implants mimic natural cartilage to give patients a more natural solution to tears, defects, or diseases. Brinter’s 3D-printed meniscus bio-implant will be its signature product but it also hopes to expand to ear, nose, hip, and shoulder replacements. None of the products are approved for commercial use yet.

°C Change Surgical

The company manufactures freezers that dispense slush — a snow-like solution that is used to rapidly cool tissues and organs during surgery, or to preserve organs during transplants. The machines that are currently on the market deliver sterile slush and reduce waste.

KeraNetics, Inc.

The company’s KeraStat Cream helps soothe and treat radiation dermatitis, a skin condition cancer patients develop while undergoing radiation. Its KeraStat Gel is used to manage wounds like burns and ulcers.

Precise Bio

The company is using 4D bio-printing to create functional tissues and organs that can be transplanted and easily reproduced. Its ophthalmology program is building a cornea graft to be used instead of donor corneas and its retinal patch could eventually treat age-related macular degeneration.


The biotech company is focused on delaying the progression of kidney failure in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Its REACT technology identifies and prepares a person’s own renal cells to be injected into the damaged kidney to improve function. Clinical trials are underway.


The startup is focused on connecting patients with clinical trials as a care option. The company builds partnerships with biopharma companies, health care organizations, and patients to get them into experimental research programs in a timely manner.