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Winston-Salem spring weather outlook for 2024

Get ready for more outdoor activities — spring is coming.

WStoday: Spring flowers bloom

We can’t wait to see more plants and trees bloom during this season

Photo by WStoday

The anticipation of outdoor concerts and festivals has us all wondering when spring is coming. We are no scientists, but you can trust us to break down what The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center has in store this year.

Before you get too excited, the forecast is generally not predictable more than a week in advance because of the different elevation, latitude, and temperature across North Carolina.

The first day of spring is Tuesday, March 19 — that’s when the tilt of the eart towards the sun creates 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Expect earlier sunrises, later sunsets, softer winds, and blooming plants.

WStoday: spring temperature outlook 2024

It may be slightly warmer in the Piedmont region this spring

Screenshot via Climate Prediction Center


Think warmer. Winston-Salem has a 40-50% chance of temps being hotter than usual. The normal maximum temperature will average closer to 70 degrees.


The months of March through April will bring about 40% to 50% chance of rainfall in the region. Forecasters expect El Niño to continue, but will transition to ENSO-neutral likely by April through June, meaning we will experience neither extreme rainfall nor drought.

More on March

Temperatures are expected to range in the mid 60s. Look out for daffodils and cherry blossoms in bloom.

All about April

Expect upper 40s in the morning and low to mid 70s in the afternoon. This month, we’ll get about 13 hours of daylight a day (one more hour than in March) — make the most of the extra sunlight by participating in several anticipated events in 2024.

Make memories in May

Morning temperatures will range in the upper 50s and highs near the 80s. Most days will be bright and sunny. This is the perfect month to plan your park picnics.

The summer solstice is Thursday, June 20.

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