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Navigating parking in downtown Winston-Salem

Here’s how to avoid a parking ticket when finding a space downtown.

WStoday_downtown parking meters

Parallel parking might be the easy part.

Photo by WStoday

Carrying quarters is still recommended if you want to park downtown — but the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership wants to change that. The organization wants to modernize meters in 2024 to accept credit cards and digital payments. While those changes are being designed and implemented, here’s a quick guide to avoiding a parking ticket:

  • There are 800 metered and unmetered parking spots downtown.
  • Single-space meters only accept quarters, and offer anywhere from 30-minute parking to 10-hour parking (although most range from one to two hours).
  • Pay stations are less common but do accept cash, coins, or credit cards.
  • Street parking is free after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
  • Lots + decks also offer hourly parking.

If you find a slip on your windshield, you can pay it online. An expired meter will cost you $15. Illegal violations like parking in a fire lane or double parking range from $15 to $250.