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Try This: What to eat + drink at Truist Stadium

Whether you’re looking for a ballpark classic with a twist or something new to try while rooting for the home team, these treats are sure to get you talking.

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WStoday: pickle corn dog at the Dash food experience

You won’t want to miss this pickle corn dog at the Dash this season.

Photo by WStoday

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Baseball season is upon us. Rooting for the home team is best done with a snack and a beverage in hand. Luckily for Dash fans, there are way more than peanuts and Cracker Jacks at Truist Stadium.

The Dash are serving up familiar fan favorites again this year. Brian’s cheesesteak, walking doughnuts, Flaming Hot Cheeto corn dogs, and Mario’s Way chicken tenders will be back on the menu — and since the team is freezing prices for the 2024 season, you won’t pay more to delight in the deliciousness.

What we tried:

New offerings this season will make your mouth water. We got to try all nine items, and we can confidently say many of them are a home run.

Country Crepe

WStoday: Country crepe at the Dash branded experience

Eat crepe — but country style, filled with pulled pork which tastes just like barbecue.

Photo by WStoday

This creation is definitely for barbecue lovers. Pulled pork is heaped inside a thin crepe and served with red slaw. Bolt’s Barbecue behind first base will be serving these up for $9.

The French toast bacon burger

WStoday: French toast bacon burger at Dash food experience

The french toast bacon burger comes with a burger patty and bacon in the middle, plus a side of syrup.

Photo by WStoday

This burger is for anyone who wishes they could get a burger for breakfast. The burger patty is topped with bacon in between two slices of French toast. Coated in powdered sugar and slathered in syrup, it’s a juicy, sweet, sticky meal. Find this gem at the exclusive wing seats in the Flow Club for $15.

The bird dog

WStoday_bird dog

Cheesy and delicious — yes, please.

Photo by WStoday

This twist on a classic features a crispy chicken tender nestled in a hot dog bun and drizzled with honey mustard. A sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top will make you wonder why this menu item wasn’t a thing until now. It will be available at Ultimate Fan Fare (Homeplate) for $5.

What not to miss:

The pickle corn dog
Take a whole pickle on a stick, dip it in cornbread batter, and deep fry it — this was one of our favorites. This creation is served with a cup of ranch, and you can find it at the Ultimate Fan Fare (Homeplate) for $7.

The heart attack hot dog
This dog is definitely an indulgence to keep from your doctor. This ballpark classic is topped with mac and cheese + bacon — good ingredients that made for a truly tasty combination. You can find it at Bolt’s Barbeque (first base) for $15.

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch apple pie

WStoday: Cinnamon toast crunch apple pie

The cinnamon toast crunch apple pie is the perfect combination of a classic dessert.

Photo by WStoday

This dessert is the quintessential American dessert with a twist. There’s a subtle hint of the sugary cereal in the crust, which delighted our taste buds and gave us a sense of nostalgia. For $6, you can get a slice at the Pretzel Stand.

What we’re still talking about:

Gator bites

WStoday: Gator bites food item at the Dash

These gators are found in the swamps of the Outer Banks and take a long time to cook.

Photo by WStoday

Yes, these bites are actual bites of real NC gator. Deep-fried and served with a spicy aioli, they’re a bit chewier than chicken. They’ll be available exclusively in the Flow Club for adventurous eaters and will cost you $12.

Dirt cups

dirt cup_winston salem dash_ws

Are you feeling brave enough for this dirt cup with grasshoppers on top?

Photo by WStoday

The dirt cups are for anyone daring to down bugs. Chocolate pudding topped with crushed chocolate cookies has the ultimate cherry on top — grasshoppers. City Editor Cambridge was brave enough to try it and only noticed a crunchy texture. Shell out $8 at the Pretzel Stand and these bugs are yours for the eating.

Pineapple pizza

WStoday: pineapple pizza_winston-salem dash

Don’t judge the pizza by its pineapple topping, the taste might surprise you.

Photo by WStoday

Pineapple pizza will push the limits of good sportsmanship. The controversial topping is a yes for City Editor Kellina and a no for City Editor Cambridge. Get a slice at the Domino’s Pizza stand for $10.

How you can experience this:

A ticket to any Dash home game will get you access to this menu. Single game tickets start at $10. Bring your appetite to try something new.

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: Dash Delights 2024
  • Price: Menu items vary from $5 to $15
  • Website: https://www.milb.com/winston-salem
  • Address: Truist Stadium, 951 Ballpark Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
  • Hours: Games will start at 7 p.m. except on Sundays, when the first pitch will go out at 2 p.m.
  • Social: Faceboook | Twitter | Instagram