Small Business Plan Competition kicks off in Winston-Salem

The contest to assist entrepreneurs has been held for a decade in the Twin City. It aims to promote and give innovators support they need to succeed.

Lampost on sidewalk looking down a street. Cars are parked along the street and buildings line both sides. The skyline of Winston-Salem is in the background.

Will your business have a future storefront?

Photo by WStoday

Toying with turning your idea into a business in the Twin City? The Small Business Plan Competition might be the place to start.

The contest aims to promote job creation and small businesses. The Office of Business Inclusion and Advancement sponsors the event to help eligible entrepreneurs develop sound business plans + get their dreams off the ground. Here are dates to keep in mind:

  • Tuesday, March 26: Attend the information session in person or on Zoom to get started. It starts at 6 p.m. in the Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building (100 E. 1st St.).
  • Monday, May 6: Business descriptions and executive summaries are due.
  • Monday, Aug. 12: Applicants must submit completed business plans.

Two winners will be announced in the fall. They will each receive a $5,000 grant for startup costs, up to $5,000 in a matching micro-loan, technical assistance, and the opportunity to apply to the Small Business Loan Program.