Things that only happen in Winston-Salem

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WStoday: downtown Winston-Salem skyline view from Kaleideum rooftop

Could we talk about the views on a sunny day in the Twin City?


Hey Winstonians, City Editor Kellina here. Since moving to Winston-Salem, I’ve noticed quite a few things that are different in this little corner of the world. For that reason, I want to celebrate — and point out what’s unique about our city.

Maybe you’ve just moved here yourself and noticed a few things that are unique, or perhaps you’re born and bred in the Twin City and are accustomed to the way of life. Wherever you are on the spectrum, tell us: what’s something that’s considered totally normal in Winston-Salem but nowhere else?

I’ll go first:

  • Stores and restaurants closed on Mondays
  • Immediately correcting someone when they don’t spell Winston-Salem with a dash
  • Everything being “just” a 15-minute drive away
  • Strangers smiling when you walk by as a way to acknowledge you

What’s your take? We might share your answers in an upcoming newsletter.